Thursday, April 9, 2009


I love this photo without reservation. I want it in a giant print on my living room wall. I looked into it and a print costs about $10,000 - minimum. If I had a spare $10,000 this is the first thing I'd buy. Note to self: acquire an extra $10,000; also, a girlfriend.

UPDATE: Completely unbeknownst to me, a Sugimoto photo is on the cover of the new U2 album No Line on the Horizon. I had no damned idea. I saw the picture above on the ridiculously awesome website BigFun. (That website is for grown-ups only.) I'm kind of obssessed with this picture now. But now that U2 has gotten involved I'll never be able to afford one for my wall. You gotta give U2 credit, they have a great eye for photography. All the Anton Corbijn photos over the years have been top-notch. Now Sugimoto. Well done, boyos.

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