Friday, September 18, 2009

I'm trying to eat here, man.

I went to a conference today that dealt with autopsies (don't ask). As we were eating lunch, without warning, the guy put up a full color picture of a body, mid-autopsy. A giant picture of a body split open like a goddamn Christmas goose. That was bad enough. Then they moved on to the baby autopsy pictures. Good Lord. But he also showed a picture of a big hairy guy in lingerie that had accidentally hanged himself whilst masturbating. Which is the worst way to go. There's going out in a blaze of glory with your boots on, and there's going out wearing lingerie while doing the whacka-whacka. You suck at dying, brother.

Overall, it was a pretty odd way to spend two hours on a Friday afternoon.

Oh, that's a picture of my new pickup. I don't actually have any autopsy pictures in my personal collection.

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